Eye contact in body language is great when picking up women.

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Body Language Eye Contact

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Body language eye contact can speak volumes to people - without making a noise. Today, we talk about eye contact and how giving off the right, and the wrong, movements can be both positive and negative to you in your every day life.

Eye contact can be viewed as body language from different aspects (I'm not trying to be funny there!). Your eyebrows can tell a million stories when teamed with various degrees of eye movement - take for instance when we are angry, someone can tell you are angry because your eyebrows will be 'furrowed' and your eyes look tense, possibly concentrating on whatever is making you angry.

Hiding feelings is often a way that we can be successful, as can showing feelings, and knowing just what to show and what to conceal is easier for all of us if we take a look at the natural actions that the eyes make upon certain events. Knowing what to look out for, and what others are looking out for, can help in so many situations. See below:

Frowned - this is a negative reaction, we often frown when we are confused, fearful or when we are angry. Lifted (and no, I don't mean after surgery!) - this can be negative or positive, depending on the situation we are reacting to. Lifted brows can mean we are shocked, or surprised. Relaxed - this is a positive reaction as we are relaxed. In situations such as when we are at work, it is good to have relaxed brows as it tells another person how relaxed we are.

No Eye Contact - a very negative reaction in any situation. It tells somebody we are uncomfortable, bored or that we are lying - definitely one to practice 'not' doing. Direct Body Language Eye Contact - we are perceived as confident, honest and interested in the conversation. Eye contact is one of the most powerful tools any man can use when attracting and seducing a woman. Strong eye contact in body language is rare. If you make eye contact, you’d be surprised how quickly most people’s eyes will dart away.

There are a few key aspects about body language eye contact between a man and a woman that will either have them instantly attracted to you, or instantly repelled. This is, in many cases, the first quality that will demonstrate either high or low value to a woman. Strong eye contact will turn a girl on. It shows that you are comfortable with yourself and others. A true alpha male will never break eye contact first, whether it be with a man or a woman.

When you make eyes with a woman, never break eye contact first. Even if it has been 10 seconds (which is an Eternity when staring into the eyes of a stranger) do NOT BREAK.

This might be very hard for you at first, but there is a simple task you can do which will give you strong eye contact skills. Walk around and make eye contact with everyone. Never break first. If its a guy chances are he’ll just look away, or if he holds it for a while usually a “whats up man” will follow as you pass. If a guy gets serious with you saying something dumb like “what are you lookin at buddy” just say “thought you were an old friend” or something along those lines.

Doing this with girls is fun. Whatever reaction she gives you, you can feel free to give back. If you get a smile, give a smile. If you get a hi, give a hi. Confident girls will hold eye contact and almost always smile. Unconfident girls will look away. Work on this every day and you will have strong flirting eye contact skills, possibly the most important tool for picking up girls.

Although our eyes cannot actually 'smile', when teamed with other actions on your face (smiling mouth, relaxed brows) we can give away a warm feeling about ourselves, good when faced with a difficult situation when we need to show sympathy or empathy and interest in a conversation. None of us can actually hide the feelings that show on our faces, that is unless you were to wear a balaclava (I wouldn't recommend this in summer), so this is viewed as the most important part of our body language as it can give away so much.

After our other two body language articles- gestures and mirroring - I believe that you are ready to take on this task. Try it with the next stranger you speak to - your eyes should be direct, you eyebrows relaxed, and perhaps try a smile (it's always a good time to smile). Even if you don't say a thing, people will warm to you more easily body language eye contact than if you look confused or tense.

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